Internet your things with Yanzi!

Yanzi Networks AB is a Swedish limited liability company that was founded in 2009. The shares in Yanzi are owned by the company’s founders and employees together with a selected number of private investors and The Sixth AP-Fund. Yanzi resides at the company’s offices at Isafjordsgatan 32C in Kista, Sweden.

Yanzi delivers an end-to-end, horizontal and all-IP software IoT platform. The company offers sensors, gateways and a cloud server system packaged into a Software as a Service solution for Smart Office applications. The horizontal and all-IP approach provides a solution that is easy, smart and evolutionary.

Leading service providers build amazing applications based on the Yanzi software which is accesible via Cirrus, a secure open API. Please contact us for further information.


Isafjordsgatan 32C
164 40 Kista


+46 (0) 8-559 21 440


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+46 (0) 8-559 21 440
Limited phone availability during July

Yanzi Networks AB
Isafjordsgatan 32C
164 40 Kista Sweden